In the heart of Gorjanci, somewhere halfway from village Gabrje to Trdinov vrh lies on a unique treasure. There springs well, which has a rejuvenating power and is sweeter then honey and Malvasia. Witnesses about being this story true are lord and lady of the castle from nearest Mehovski grad.

Acknowledged Slovenian writer, true lover of Gorjanci and its vineyards Janez Trdina, put all spoken words to paper and they have become myth. In 1931 with help of SPD, branch of Novo mesto, close to well grew mountain lodge that has been rejuvenating ever since and become today one of the most beautiful mountain lodges in Slovenia.

Family Mrhar, which takes care of the lodge »pri Gospodični« since 1977, is looking forward to seeing you, until then they greet you one alpine hello; GOOD LUCK!


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